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Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

I'm not very religious but I had heard about how beautiful Saint Patrick's Cathedral was and decided to go check it out. The cathedral is an arcitectural masterpiece. From the floor to the ceiling if feels like your in a piece of artwork not a cathedral. It's filled with stain glass windows and beautifully tilled floors, this building has been around for centuries and has had many generations of people walk in and out of it's doors. Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin is also known as the National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of Saint Patrick, Dublin. It is considered one of the most famous cathedrals, for it has hosted the funerals of two former Irish presidents and contains Ireland's largest organ. The cathedral is amazing and it's definetly gives you the feeling of Ireland's past.

Location: Western Europe
Land area: Fields, hills, low mountains, and sea cliffs
Population: 4,203,200

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Egyptian Museum

There are multiple museums in Egypt but the one I went to was The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. The museum is beautiful both inside and out. With one of the largest collections, you can see items like papyrus, coins, statues, tables, and coffins. The Mummy Room is where you can see the remains of Ramses III, Amenhotep IV, and Sneferu. It was so interesting to see what the Egyptians were like and what they used back when they were around. Museums are a must see while in Egypt.

Language: Arabic
Major River: The Nile
Land Area: Desert Plateau

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Pyramid of Giza

Just outside of Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza consist of three larger pyramids and three smaller pyramids, known as the "Queens Pyramids". When you walk up to the pyramids you see this magnificent structure that you can't believe was made out of stone before the tools that we have today were even thought of, this structure is the Great Sphinx. It's amazing how big it is and how much detail the put in the face. When you get to the pyramids, they take your breath away. They're so massive and so old it blows your mind that they're still standing. Even though they're built from stone and are crumbling away, they are beautiful and are structures that are hard to forget.

Population: 83,082,869
Location: Northern Africa, between Libya and Gaza
GDP (per capita): 5,400

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Tokyo is located on the main island Honshu. With the world's most populous metro area,it's hard to feel alone. Tokyo is one of the leading cities in technology so your guarenteed to see some of the tallest buildings you've ever seen.While in Tokyo I went to the Imperial Palace which is the the main residence of the Emperor of Japan. Within the palace there are a few public gardens where you can go and walk around. Walking around Tokyo, especially at night, there are always hundreds of people around you. The best way to get a feel for the culture is to go to the different street vendors and try the different kinds of food. Tokyo is really different from anyplace I've ever been but the people are really nice and are willing to help you out if you get lost.

GDP (per capita): 34,000
Language: Japanese

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Kandatsu Ski Resort

Located in the Japanese Alps, Kandatsu Ski Resort makes you feel like your on a different planet. I saved up enough money just so I could rent a snowboard and boots and spend a day snowboarding. Kandatsu has a reputation for having plenty of snow with mostly blue skies. At the top of the mountain you get the most amazing view of all the surrounding mountains. Kandatsu ha runs for every level and a pretty decent terrain park filled with jumps, rails, and boes. The views are unforgettable and even though it was my most expensive activity yet. It was worth every penny.

Land Area: Mostly rugged and mountainous
Location: Eastern Asia

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